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Since 2008 Simone Solazzo is allowed to perform  as a musician on a daily basis in some of the best views and  squares of San Gimignano, the beautiful city of Tuscany know as the "Manhattan of Middle Age" for its towers.

Few musicians and painters are allowed to perform and expose in the village and they must have a license provided by the municipality after a strict selection.

Settled among the hills of the province of Siena, the village is one of the most renowed for turism in Tuscany with about 3 millions visitors every year. With its artists, handicrafts, local products, typical wines San Gimignano offers its visitors quality and gorgeus experiences. 

You can find info on the resident Musicians and Painters at the Info Point in Piazza del Duomo, 2

Here is a map and a calendar with the places where you can meet Simone and listen to his live performances, and have a chat with him. During his performances you can purchase his Cd and download cards.




1  Rocca di Montestaffoli


2   Aia del Parco della Rocca

     Museo della Vernaccia


3   Piazza Pecori


4  Piazza della Cisterna


5 Vicolo degli Innocenti   

     Punto panoramico